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If you are looking for an affordable, quality solution to your website needs, welcome to ziworks!

ziworks creates clean, effective, standards based, websites at an affordable price. We provide intuitive and easy to use content management solutions for your website using latest web technologies. Learn more...


At ziworks every project is treated precisely as if it could change the world. Any successful company/individual has a well functioning and great looking site to share their company and their professionalism with the rest of the world.


Less is more. These days it seems that everywhere you turn somebody’s trying to sell you something. The way to stand out in a crowd is to have a clear prominent message and a clean inviting design.


The most well designed high-tech website in the world is worthless if it fails to clearly communicate its intended message.


Standards validation is a measurable sign of quality that will ensure that your site is sure to continue to work reliably in the years to come. We guarantee that our work will pass W3C standards validation.

There is another C, Care! indeed we care for our clients. Read what others say about us.

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